You value tradition

From grandmother’s chair to last week’s garage sale find, you value ancestors and historical periods of rich stories or memories. When service is needed, count on Gramling Restoration to provide you with personal artistry and craftsmanship.

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You love elegance

From intricately carved wood feet, edges and decorative details, your treasured antiques create a formal but nostalgic and timeless setting.  From luxurious desks and buffets to chairs and beds, entrust your treasures to Gramling Restoration.

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Eclectic is your style

You might mix a distressed trunk with country chic or sophisticated oriental, but the room will be mixed with old and new, styles and finishes.  You like to make a statement and present your pieces with flare.  Gramling Restoration repairs unique pieces. 

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Expert Restoration Services

As passionate crafts people, Gramling Restoration offers remarkable artistry and creativity in restoring, maintaining and refinishing antique furniture. Some specialties include:

  • Finish restoration, clean and wax, re-glue, structural repair
  • Veneer repairs, touch ups, replacement parts, caning
  • Hand-stripping, grain filling, staining, color match staining
  • Painting, glazing and applying finishes and more...

New Service: Yearly Maintenance!

Wards Off Major Repair

" Scratches and loose pieces are unsightly and can result in further damage. As part of the home service, Gramling Restoration will do minor repairs and touch ups to ward off future costly reparation.   "

Furniture Remains Beautiful

" Sunlight can damage color. Excessive dampness or dryness can compromise wood. Gramling Restoration will come to your home and perform the proper services to renew and protect your furniture.   "

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